10 Boldest Bollywood Movies of 2016


Bollywood movies have always left movie lovers in amazement worldwide, be it for their iconic scenes, dialogues or even peppy songs. Although many criticize mainstream Bollywood cinema for constantly churning out cliché products, the tinsel town of India has surprised many from time to time by its unusual offerings, especially films with bold content. Each time such a bold movie releases, the moral police and orthodox sections of the Indian society make a big issue out of it. However, at the same time, these flicks create a lot of curiosity amongst the youth, which fills the halls with masses. Many of these movies have either been banned or a good chunk of their content is forcibly removed by the Censor board to suit the so-called taste of the Indian audiences. Further are 10 Boldest Bollywood Movies of 2016 which will make you adjust your pants.

Here is the list of Boldest Bollywood Movies of 2016

1. Love games

Love games are 2016’s erotic thriller starring Patrlekha, Alisha and Gaurav Arora shows the reality of high profile parties where playing love games is a common affair. The film talks about how the lead actress forces her on-screen husband to make sexual relations with another woman. The film is filled with content which makes it an adult cinema and viewers will be amplified. Due extreme boldness the censor board made several cuts and made sure that the movie gets a bad reputation for degrading Indian values.

2. Beiimaan Love

Beiimaan love is another 2016’s arousing thriller which does full justice with the title and shows all dishonesty that can lead separations. The movie stars Sunny Leone and Rajnish Duggal as main leads and Sunny Leone gave what audience wanted, lots and lots of arousal to her audience. Thanks to its love-making scenes which filled the censor board with rage and the audience with pleasure.

3. Befikre

As the name suggests this movie is all about two free-spirited youngsters who try their best to become friends with benefits but eventually fall in love. Well, the movie isn’t bold because falling in love but the journey showing their friends with benefits part. 40 kisses and Ranveer Kapoor’s BUTT gave all the heat to the audience which they expected. Befikre with minimum cuts was passed by the censor board and learn how to be a befikre.

4. Mastizaade

Mastizaade is Sunny Leone’s one more erotic thriller of this year which made headlines because censor board denied giving this movie a certificate because its intimate sets were too bold for an Indian audience. Sunny Leone appeared multiple times in a bikini in this film and gave many kissing scenes. To give an extra spice to the movie, filmmakers added a lot of double meaning dialogues even naming Sunny Leone as ‘LELO’ sisters.

5. Ishq Junoon

Ishq Junoon is India’s first film based on threesome love enacting every bit of process. The film shows how a girl is trapped in love triangle and ends up having a relation with both guys and make love with both at the same time. Well strange for sure but as soon as the first song was launched the movie started gathering the audience. Released with adult certificate this movie leaves the audience with new imaginations. Among other Boldest bollywood movies it is on top.

6. Wajah Tum Ho

‘Wajah Tum Ho’ is an action thriller based on the real murder mystery with less mystery and more potency. The bold scenes of the film caught a lot of attention and also some detention for the lead actress. The movie did no justice to its genre and got a status of the erotic thriller. With more and more kissing scenes ‘wajah tum ho’ losses creativity and story.

7. A scandal

Scandals are the new concepts and Indians films are full them, a scandal is another thriller shedding every bit of cloth on the actress’s body. A combination of lovemaking scenes, semi-nakedness and abusive words this movie gives laughter, thrill, and arousal to its audience. Based on a murder mystery it has all the chemistry which any B-grade film would require.

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8. Love Ke Fande

With the changing times love too is witnessing change, with something unconditional now it has evolved into physical and just physical. Love ke fande gives its viewers no knowledge about the caring but cares about one eternal bliss that’s intimacy. Plenty of double meaning jokes and full-bodied scenes this movie sure must be watched ‘alone’.

9. Great Grand Masti

As the title suggests this movie brings the masti lineage to its audience, double meaning dialogues paired up with temperature raising scenes it’s a must watch the movie but with friends. ‘Great grand masti’ is the squeal to grand masti and offers no conceptual take but all art of flirting, love making and bed breaking.


10. One Night Stand

Sunny Leone is the starlet that can raise the temperature and fulfills her commitment to showing all she has got. One night stand is Sunny’s another flick with which shows the concept of one night stands, such word is never common and must be used away from parents and such films must be watched away from everyone. With no abusive language, it offers our audience all seduction which keeps up with the title.

Here is the list of Boldest Bollywood Movies of 2016. If you know some more boldest Bollywood movies. Comment us.


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