In the year 2017, there is no shortage of television shows and movies this year that actresses have captured the attention of audiences. Some of our favorite actresses have laid bare all for their respective roles and it should not be missed by anyone. Here we listed some actresses all around the world whose clothes have already hit the floor.

List of Actresses who have let their Clothes Hit the Floor this Year – 2017

Yvonne Strahovski – The Handmaiden’s Tale


Yvonne Strahovski landed a role in the recent series The Handmaiden’s Tale that features her getting herself into some adult situations with little to no clothing.

Kate Nash – GLOW

Kate-NashKate Nash is fantastic with her portrayal of the character Britannica in the television series GLOW. But you can imagine Nash would have felt intimidated on the film set when you learn that her real talent is in the musical world. Especially because Nash bares it all for the camera!


Keri Russell – The Americans

Keri-Russell Keri Russell bared it all in seasons 2, 3 and 4 and continued the tradition this year when the 5th season started airing. It should hopefully be clear by this point that Russell feels plenty comfortable letting the world check her out.


Lauren Lapkus – Crashing

Lauren-LapkusThere are plenty of reasons as to why the series of Crashing will leave you entertained, one of the more appealing factors may be that you get to see Lauren Lapkus strip down in bed.


Nicole Kidman – Big Little Lies

 Nicole-KidmanThere are plenty of reasons for the success of Big Little Lies, but perhaps the biggest has to go to the outstanding talents of Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon.

Nicole Kidman also stripped it off on the small screen with Big Little Lies.

Nicole-KidmanKate Bosworth – SS-GB

 Kate-BosworthWhile that may sound terrifying to you, one thing that may be a lot less scary is the thought of Kate Bosworth getting herself into some seriously adult situations; as she does in the series SS-GB.

Christina Ricci – Z The Beginning Of Everything

 Christina-RicciOne of Christina Ricci’s most recent projects, Z The Beginning of Everything, includes a moment where she confidently stands in her birthday suit in a doorway prior to logically getting into some adult activities!

Jessica Chastain – The Zookeeper’s Wife

 Jessica-Chastain-1068x734Jessica Chastain is tremendous in the leading role who at one point is required to act in her birthday suit while laying in bed.


Alison Brie – GLOW

 Alison-BrieAlison Brie in her new project “GLOW”. Set around the world of female wrestling, she is also no stranger to showing off some skin.

Emily Browning – American Gods

 Emily-BrowningThe only thing that is going to detract from the good looks of Emily Browning is the fact that her character in American Gods, who gets into some seriously adult situations, also has scars running all over her body.

Gal Gadot – Gucci Bamboo

 Gal-Gadot Gal Gadot comes from a very recent ad for Gucci Bamboo where she comfortably shows off plenty of skin; including her backside.

Naomi Watts – Gypsy

 Naomi-WattsOne of their more recent endeavors is the series Gypsy that stars the talented Naomi Watts. While it is still unclear on if the series will return for a 2nd series, one thing that is clear is the fact that Watts definitely lets gets comfortable letting her clothing hit the floor.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead – Fargo

 Mary-Elizabeth-WinsteadFargo series has no shortage of powerhouse actors, including Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton, and Ewan McGregor, but perhaps the most captivating may be the gorgeous Mary Elizabeth Winstead in which Winstead has done outstanding clothed roles.

Charlize Theron – Atomic Blonde

 Charlize-TheronCharlize Theron does bare it all in the film. Something she has done on several occasions and looks to do yet again with her upcoming film Atomic Blonde; including getting up close and personal with fellow actress Sofia Boutella.


Emilia Clarke – Voice From The Stone

 Emilia-ClarkeEmilia Clarke will be stripping it off for this upcoming season, you can rest assured that she was plenty comfortable letting her clothing hit the floor for one of her most recent films, Voice from the Stone.


Emily Ratajkowski – Welcome Home To Italy

 Emily-RatajkowskiEmily Ratajkowski may be the one who is the most comfortable with stripping off her clothes and if you have any doubt of that, it should only take you a few seconds looking at her Instagram page to change your opinion.

Granted when you consider she’s also stripped it off for a music video, you really can’t be that shocked to hear that she’s going to be naked in her upcoming film role Welcome Home To Italy.


Sofia Boutella – Atomic Blonde

 Sofia-BoutellaSofia Boutella may find herself more like the former with her upcoming film Atomic Blonde that also stars Charlize Theron. Need a reason to make sure you check it out on the big screen? How about the fact that she strips it off for what promises to be an incredibly steamy lesbian scene with Theron!


Rihanna – Bates Motel

 RihannaIn Bates Motel Rihanna would be plenty comfortable walking around in some sexy clothing and stepping into a shower when she appeared in a season 5 as the character Marion Crane.

Lucy Hale – Dude

 Lucy-HaleIn the upcoming film Dude which will be released on Netflix and features Hale getting into some adult situations if you know what we mean!

Reese Witherspoon – Big Little Lies

 Reese-WitherspoonThere are plenty of reasons for the success of Big Little Lies, but perhaps the biggest has to go to the outstanding talents of Reese Witherspoon.

She has also stripped it off on the small screen with Big Little Lies.


 Topless Photoshoot of Jacqueline Fernandez for Magazine Cover

That is our list of Actresses who have let their clothes hit the floor in the year – 2017. Let us know if we missed someone. Also, share in comments which actress you like a most.


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