Looks aren’t everything in this world, but having healthy skin can help. Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look stunning in spite of age or troubles? With models and celebrities constantly posing in front of the camera, there are beauty secrets you don’t know.

Beauty Secrets that Industry doesn’t want you to know


Everyone knows that a healthy dose of the sun can help with your complexion and skin care. But what the beauty industry doesn’t tell you is that sunscreen is necessary. Cosmetics expert states that trying to achieve a healthy complexion without sunscreen will not work. It is always advised to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Don’t Over Dry your Skin

If your skin has inflammation, you do not want to use anti-spot creams. They contain benzoyl peroxide, which will dry the skin, aggravate it and inflame it even more. Instead, experts recommend using lactic or salicylic masks. This is one of the most hidden beauty secrets you don’t know.

Always Remember your Neck

If a woman’s concerned about how old she looks, she might want to take a look at her neck. The skin on the neck is extremely thin. This means women need to take care of it like they do their face.

Use An Ice Cube On Your Skin

To avoid a dull complexion, it is advised to use an ice cube. Rubbing it for a few seconds will stimulate circulation and can even help your skin glow. I bet you this was number one of the beauty secrets you don’t know.

Storing Your Accessories Properly

Most people are told to store their beauty accessories in the bathroom. That this is not the correct way to do it. The humidity makes them expire quicker than the expiry date. An alternative is to store face creams and beauty accessories in the fridge.

Clean Everything that Touches your Skin

It is always advised to everyone to clean any object that will touch their face. You wouldn’t touch your face with dirty hands, so why would you with other things? You should change pillowcases at least once a week. If you have naturally oily skin, change them every three days.

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Avoid Using Scrubs and Sponges

Skincare specialist advises people who are prone to acne to avoid using scrubs and sponges. Another one of the beauty secrets you don’t know is when you use these skin care items, they irritate the skin and cause more inflammation. So for those prone to acne, try using a water-and-aspirin paste on your face.

Facial Massages Are Beneficial

For those trying to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes, experts recommend a lymph drainage massage. The massage will stimulate the lymph flow and smooth the skin, and the result is the bags disappearing.

Always take care of your Hands

One of the beauty secrets you don’t know is hand care. The skin on your hands is just as thin as the skin on your neck and face. If you’re doing household work, try using gloves. Also try to moisturize your hands with natural, organic cream. Your hands touch your face more than anything, so you’ll want them clean.

Don’t Go to Bed With Makeup On

Women that go to bed with makeup on are blocking their pores and causing inflammation. It’s plain and simple, clean your skin thoroughly before going to bed.

Take Your Bra Off Before Bed

Even if you had a late night and you’re exhausted, always take off your bra before bed. If you keep them on, it will cut the blood circulation. It will also cause the skin to become irritated and the skin under the straps will become darkened.

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