Every dress demands a different style statement. Choosing the right dress and above all choosing the right bra accessory (as these days there are a lot or bra accessories in fashion world) is imperative. However, there are some dresses with protruding necklines or back. This leaves us confused about the kind of Bra accessories to be worn underneath to stay away from Wardrobe Malfunction.

The assortment of right bra and accessory is very important as the wrong bra can take all the grace away. It can even make you look dishonorable. You can choose to prevent any wardrobe malfunction with fashion tapes, nipple covers, clear straps, and converters.

Here is the list of must have bra accessories which can save you from any lingerie issues or from Wardrobe Malfunction

Bra Strap Extenders: Ladies often get conscious about their weight gain. The extra flab on the back seems to be hanging and it’s disturbing. The problem is common with the women who are pregnant or soon after the pregnancy. The straps digging into the back can make your worthy dress look awful. If your cup size of the bra hasn’t changed there is a brilliant way by which you use it more comfortably. All that has to be done is you need to hook in the extender into the bra hooks. Seems great, just give it a try, it will not take over five minutes.

Bra inserts/ Bust Boosters: Bra inserts are also known as cookies or bra padding. Silicone ones are sometimes called chicken fillets due to their resemblance to them. Often they are promoted as a non-surgical option to increase your bra size. As well as giving you the appearance of larger breasts they can be worn with a push-up bra to increase cleavage. They sit in the bottom of the bra cups to push your breasts up and fill out the bra. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are usually made from foam or silicone rubber, some are liquid or gel filled. The silicone ones will mold to your shape and grip against your skin better than a fabric and foam one will. If you are worried about them coming out, these are a better option. Some bras will have pockets for adding padding built into them, that’s another way to keep them from slipping out.

Bra strap connector/holder: You will find these with a variety of names, bra strap converter, bra strap connector and bra strap holder are the most common. They can be worn in the back or front of the bra to hold the straps together. They are similar to a racer back clip in use. They can stop straps slipping off your shoulders and pull straps out of the way for clothing where they would normally show. They aren’t as easy to find in stores, you can get them online on websites like Amazon but they aren’t as common as racerback clips. You can also make your own quite easily.

Bra strap cushions: Bra strap cushions or pads slip onto your existing bra straps to provide comfort if they dig into your shoulders or can help stop straps from falling off your shoulders. Before you use them first make sure you have your bra straps set to the right length, most of the support in a bra comes from the band around your body, not the straps. The straps should be taut (not hanging) but shouldn’t be too tight, if you have an indentation left on your shoulders after wearing them they are too tight. Bra strap cushions come in silicone or foam. Silicone has the added benefit of making them less likely to slip against your skin but you may not like how they feel.

Breast pads: Breast pads or nursing pads are for women who are breastfeeding. You put them in your bra over your nipples to stop milk leaking out onto your clothes. You can get disposable or washable pads. If you get machine-washable pads use a laundry bag when you wash them to keep them together so they don’t get lost through your clothes.

Fashion tape/ Double Sided Tape: Fashion tape is the double sided tape which you use to keep clothing in place. The main difference between fashion tape and the normal double sided tape is that the adhesive is one that is meant to be used with skin. A lot will still recommend doing a patch test before using it to make sure you don’t react. It also shouldn’t damage your clothes. If you are worried about this you can do a test on the inside of a seam before using it, although generally, you will only be using the tape on the underside of the fabric anyway. Common uses are to keep loose straps in place and on plunging necklines you use short pieces of it under the edge to stop it falling open when you move. You don’t have to stick fabric to skin, it can be fabric to fabric as well. If you have a bra that is likely to be seen as clothing shifts you can tape the clothing to the bra. If you are wearing a button shirt and it’s gaping open you can snip a small piece of fashion tape off and use it to secure between the buttons.

Low-back bra converter: These are a great way to make a normal bra into a low back bra. They aren’t as easy to find in shops as some bra accessories, you can get them on Amazon or you can make your own pretty easily. I have found this type of low back bra more supportive and able to go lower than a standard convertible bra. It’s also great because you can use it on bras you already own if you are someone who has trouble finding bras that fit well then this is a great option for you.

Nipple covers: Nipple covers are also known as petals. They are used to hide the shape of nipples and give breasts a smooth line under clothing. They have adhesive on them to stay on and can be one-use disposable or washable and reusable. They are generally worn when you are unable to wear a bra but can also be worn with one if you need the extra coverage. Using a foam lined contour bra is another way to conceal the shape of nipples.


Racerback clip/bra clips: To make a normal bra into a bra with a racer back use a racerback clip. They’re cheap and you can get them from most lingerie stores or online. They usually come in black, white, tan or clear and come in a variety of different shapes. Mostly they are used to hide the straps for when you wear racerback tops but some people also wear them to stop their straps slipping off their shoulders.

Stick-on/adhesive bra: The most common type of stick-on bra is made of silicone but there are ones that look almost the same as the silicone one pictured but are made of foam. You can also get fabric ones that look more like a normal strapless bra that has had the back cut off. They usually have adhesive on the side wings to hold them on. Most lingerie stores stock the silicone type, they will probably be with bra accessories (extenders, extra straps etc). You can also buy them online on websites like Amazon. The fabric one like the one pictured is harder to find in a store, you may have to hunt around the internet until you find one you want.

Points to pick the Right Bra for your Outfit

Transparent/invisible straps: A set of transparent straps often come with a convertible or multiway bra or you can often find them in the accessories section at lingerie stores. You will need to use them with a convertible bra that has detachable straps so they have somewhere to hook into. They aren’t as invisible as the name suggests if you wear them with something strapless you won’t fool anyone. What they are good for is if the straps you normally have are a bad color match for what you are wearing and you want the glimpses that people see of them to be less noticeable. Another use is if what you are wearing is lace or sheer, you will probably still be able to see them through it as they catch the light, but again they will be much less noticeable than colored straps and helps to stay away from Wardrobe Malfunction.

Stylized Bra Straps: It has become a trend to show off the strap these days. But showing off the regular cotton, uni-colored straps is a big no!. Well, there is news for all the vogue conscious women out there. The stylish bra straps could be used multiple ways. The clear straps come with metal hooks, color plastic hooks and what not. These give ultimate support and develop a style statement. Peek a boo, there is the detailed strap protruding out of your top. Straps come in various prints, patterns, and colors. You can even match up with the color of your dress. It will keep you away from any lingerie malfunction/ Wardrobe Malfunction.

Pick a different Bra according to the Clothing

Lingerie Laundry Bag: Buying the apt lingerie is important but taking its proper care cannot be ignored. Do your expensive bras lose their shape after a machine wash? The machine wash can actually pull off the padding and wires in the bra. If you want your expensive bras to last long, then you should definitely purchase a premium laundry bag for them. The laundry bags are stitched well which will shield your finest inners for years to come. The wash bags are tear, stretch and stain resistant fabric. Buy a bag that is silky soft and non-abrasive which wouldn’t damage your delicate wears.

If we missed some bra accessories or you have any idea about the things to stay away from Wardrobe Malfunction. Do make a comment and let us know about other bra accessories that are used to prevent Wardrobe Malfunction. Also, do share with your friends about these amazing bra accessories that help them to prevent Wardrobe Malfunction.


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