If you browse the web regularly, you’ll find that everything is harmful and can kill you. But just how accurate and factual are these claims? We are here to dispel some bra myth for you so we can (partially) rest your mind at ease.

Bra Myth 1: My breasts will become saggy if I don’t wear a bra

This is one of the more common myths but you’ll be happy to know that it’s not true. It is the law of physics that if an object is not held up, it will fall due to gravity – but that is all. If you are worried about sagginess, then there are plenty of exercises to combat it.

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Bra Myth 2: Breast cancer risk is increased by the underwire bra

There is just no scientific correlation between the two. It was merely a wrongful association due to the rise of breast cancer cases.

Bra Myth 3: Sleeping in your bra causes cancer and stops your breast from growing

Do you sleep in your bra? I slept in my bra when I was a tween and very new to this whole bra thing. After admitting to a friend that I didn’t take my bra off before going to bed, she whispered that sleeping with your bra on was DANGEROUS and causes CANCER. There’s no way to say sleeping in a bra is bad for you. There is certainly no evidence that sleeping in bras is either helpful or harmful.

Bra Myth 4: But also, sleeping in your bra keeps your breasts firm

Sleeping in your bra will not mutate cells, nor will it deter your breast from eventually sagging. “A bra will hold up your breasts to give you the shape and look you want, but it can’t prevent further sagging, which is caused by age and gravity,”.

Bra Myth 5: It is recommended to sleep with your bra on

This is not only incorrect but ridiculous. Whoever initiated this rumor should be placed on a wanted list because of how many women likely had less than comfortable sleep as a result of it. Try some chest exercises instead.

Bra Myth 6: Stretch marks are caused by not wearing a bra

This is also incorrect. Stretch marks are caused by changes in your body’s composition over time, not by going bra-less. Again, not wearing a bra and sagginess has nothing to do with one another.

Bra Myth 7: Fixed sizing

The sizing of bras is brand-dependent. That means that based on the brand of bra you are buying, the size of your bra will change. You should get sized when shopping at a new store to avoid buying a bra that is too big or small for you.

Bra Myth 8: Only wash your bra once a month or less

Maybe you’ve heard you need to wash your bra once a week. Or twice a month. Or almost never. And maybe this confused and rattled you, so you just avoided all of it by purchasing MORE bras, but then you ended up running into the same problem with your mounting pile of new bras: When do you wash them? And how often?

It really depends on your lifestyle. “Depending on a woman’s personal hygiene and lifestyle, a standard bra may be worn a couple of times before it needs to be washed. Some women who sweat more may wish to wash their bras more often but for everyday wear, washing after every wear isn’t necessary,”.

Bra Myth 9: You should use a gentle detergent like Woolite to wash your bras

Woolite gently washes your bras and prevents them from tearing or wearing down. BUT, It was actually designed to soften wool, so you shouldn’t use that on elastic because you want the elastic to stay firm.

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Bra Myth 10: You can wash your bras in the machine

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you physically can’t wash your bras in a washing machine, it just means that you probably shouldn’t. Given that bras are usually (too) expensive and consist of delicate fabrics you might want to hand wash them instead.

Bra Myth 11: You can wear the same bra for several days in a row

Unfortunately, we all sweat and it’s much worse in the summer, and it’s even worse if you wear a bra. This means that you should probably wash your bra as often as you wash your underwear.

Bra Myth 12: You can keep your bra forever

If the bra still fits, wear it, right? Not so much. Even if your breast stay the same size, you shouldn’t hang on to your favorite bra for all eternity. “A general rule of thumb is a year,”. “But if it’s a bra you don’t wear very often, you could have it for three years. It all depends on how often you wear it and how well you take care of it.” Toss bras when they’re fraying around the edges, the cups are stretched out, the underwire is bent, the tops are falling down, or you’ve started using the tightest row of hooks.

Bra Myth 13: Bras have uniform sizing

If you’ve purchased bras from Target and Victoria’s Secret and anywhere else, really, then you’ll know you cannot walk into a store and say “size 32 C please.” A C cup at GAP is not a C cup at Victoria’s Secret. It’s just not. “Each brand has their own ‘fit model’. Plus, you can be a different size for several styles within the same brand,”.

So, make sure to get your bra-size measured wherever you go.

Bra Myth 14: There is only one *right* way to put on a bra

There’s a lot of discussion in regards to how to put a bra on the correct way. You can clasp in the front and spin it around. Or place one breast in at a time. You can reach behind and hook your bra that way if you want. The options are infinite.

But there is no correct way to put on a bra or you can follow these steps to put on bra

  • Step 1: Place bra upside down and inside out.
  • Step 2: Hook bra in front of the torso.
  • Step 3: Twist bra around and pull straps onto shoulders.

Those three steps describe the most common way to put on a bra.

You can also put on a bra by using this method to help your breasts sit comfortably in their cups. “The idea is that you’re leaning forward, hooking it in the back, and fixing the straps over your shoulders. Then you stick your hands into the cups, and scoop your breasts into the center,”

Bra Myth 15: A new bra should fit at the last hook

Buying a bra to fit perfectly at the largest band size isn’t necessarily the best method. Instead, she recommends fitting a bra to the middle hook. “That way you can move to the outside hook if you’re on your period since women tend to get a little bigger during that time. And if it gets a little stretched out, then you move it to the tightest setting.”

Bra Myth 16: If you strategically exercise, you can keep your breasts perkier

Even if you did one-trillion push-ups and pull-ups and lifted all the weights, your breast would remain as they are. And that’s because breasts are made of fat, and you can’t really shape or form fat. What you CAN do, is work out your chest. Some exercises do “help improve the appearance of your pectoral area by strengthening surrounding ligaments,”.

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Those are some of the most common bra-related myths that you can now ignore or refute if you hear anyone spouting them. Of course, there are situations where you might like to wear a bra, but now you know you don’t have to which makes all the difference.


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