Cricket Fashion – Catches are Trending: The extended screams and relentless shrieks of joy after a pin drop silence is the beauty of the game of cricket. Every catch is, perhaps, very exciting but the history of cricket offers some really unbelievable catches that could make your eyes pop out. Catches are now in fashion, the style (the dive, the skim, the slide and the jump) in which they are made along with the follow-up exercise of running around the field like a triumphant eagle have become signature styles. Of course, not to forget the other players rushing up to the victorious winner! It’s all about playing a game that fascinates! Kudos to the concentration level of the fielders!

Cricket Fashion: Catches are Trending

A moment before the catch is the tense part of the game. The audience becomes calm and all eyes get set on the bowler who billets his eyes into the batsman trying to make him lose his poise and perhaps his self-esteem. The bowler takes his time, for he knows all eyes are on him. He runs either round the wicket or left of it and sends the ball contrary to the batsman thinking.

A smart batsman calculates his move but sometimes he cannot fathom the length or line of the ball and gets totally foxed. The ball, too, seems to dodge the fielders but there are this one alert and agile fielder who jumps to the occasion and makes the unbelievable catch a reality.

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There have been cases when the fielder stumbling towards out of bounds line, has the sixth sense that he would be able to make the catch a unique one throws it into the air towards the field before he crosses over the line and gets time to run under it and grab it into his fist! Wow! And what do we have next to all the players running a frenzy on the field piling onto the fielder shrieking and screaming in sheer madness and not to forget the audience who begin the usual jig of joy!

Cricket Fashion: Catches are Trending

Over-ambitious batsmen always get trapped into this wild game. Riding high on the wave of runs they tend to hit out to places where the fielders are less, but when the going gets tough for the bowler and fielder, the tough get going; just like the jaguar, the fielder is able to judge the batsman’s sense of direction and shoots towards the ball in time diving like a torpedo to get at the bottom of it! Unbelievable but in cricket a catch can surprise the batsman, bowler and the fielder himself.

Can you forget Rickey Ponting who has to his credit the most unbelievable catches in cricket history? Andrew Symonds keeps a hawk eye on the ball and has a strong throwing arm since he is also a terrific athlete. There have been times when he catches it before the fielder, who is all posed to catch it behind him. This is the smartness of the fielder who can predict the direction in which the ball would move and the approximate height it would take, so his reflexes, which are working overtime during concentration react instantly and he lands up with a feather in his cap. There have been times when the bowler also knows which way and how the batsman would hit if he bowled in a particular way and the fielder is made to understand the strategy, so he waits to spring for the catch that would fall into his hands very easily, yet unbelievable.


Let me not spoil your fun, but all good batsmen have exemplified at catches. The simple equation is the movement of the ball and the batsman’s eye; the movement of the ball is what the batsman focuses on, so while fielding he cannot miss judging the movement or direction of the ball. A good catcher also practices with first both his hands and then upgrades to using only his dominant hand, the rest is done with the agile movement of his body and alertness of his mind.

Cricket Fashion: Catches are Trending

Well, so much for the technique! Who can deny the immense pleasure that tingles through your body and mind at an unbelievable catch, even if you are the aggrieved party?

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