People always fall in love with a perfect aspects of each other’s personalities. Who wouldn’t? Anybody can love the most wonderful parts of another person. But that’s not the clever trick. You should spend your life or Dating a woman who makes you happy, not a girl who you have to impress.

Girls want attention, Women want respect. A girl plays with your mind. A woman explores it. A girl is only interested in a man that has money. A woman will get out there and help him get it. Girls find men fascinating. Women know better.

If these signs match with the woman you are dating, never let her go.

1. A woman will not want all your time

A woman will want you to be goal-oriented and independent. She will not complain about you not giving her enough time, like a girl. She very well understands that you need to have a balance in your life towards your ambitions and your passion for her.

2. A women will challenge you

A woman will criticize you and challenge you as she knows you have great potential and you can do things better. She instead of discussing people and bitching, she will talk about ideas and her beliefs. She will have long deep conversations with you and help you to sort out things in your life, unlike a girl.

3. A woman is your equal or better

A woman will not say just a ‘Yes’ to whatever you tell her, she will voice her own opinions from her experiences. She will motivate and support you in every walk of your life.

4. Women know their limits

Girls guzzle down free drinks in order to get hammered. A woman will not make any poor decisions and she knows her limits. She also knows how to stay in control after drinking in excess.


5. A woman will not expect you to know how they feel, they use their words

If men could read minds, it would have been a lot easier. But that is not always possible! A woman will speak their minds and would not expect you to simply understand what they are willing to convey. But a girl may get frustrated and even may indulge into fights if you don’t understand what are they hinting at. So be careful guys!

6. Women don’t waste their time updating their relationship status on Facebook

Girls cannot wait to update their status on Facebook to “In A Relationship” as soon as they get into a relationship. But women are busy with their lives rather than bothering about a Facebook update.

7. A woman will discuss ideas rather than people and trivial matters

A woman would only want the best for herself and her partner, so she will never just go along with a passionless relationship. She will initiate intellectual conversations, whereas girls are boring and awful at holding conversations.

8. A woman is financially independent

This is a major difference between a girl and a woman. Women have enough self-respect to do what is right. She reminds his man that she just wants his care, respect and loyalty and not his cash.

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9. A woman is ambitious and knows her goals

A woman knows what her goals are, what she wants, and has a plan to accomplish them. Whereas, a girl is unaware of her goals and cannot think that far enough.

10. A woman will lift others up to make herself better, whereas a girl will tear them down

A woman believes that she by lifting somebody up and encouraging them, she feels elated, but a girl will just gossip about others and then feel better.

What do you think? Are you dating with?


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