Can a physical relationship between friends also occur? Or is friendship stopped after coming so close to each other? According to a survey in Germany, one-third Germans do not consider it wrong.

One in three Germans is comfortably on board with the concept “friends with benefits,” according to a survey released Thursday from the research institute YouGov.

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One in three Germans thinks sex with friends is okay

Valentine Day and Friendship Day are not so popular in Germany but on the occasion of Friendship Day an online survey was conducted in Germany and some of its results surprised.

Every third person in the survey participants admitted that there is no avoiding physical relationship between friends. The organization named YouGov has done this survey, and according to the survey that now most people have started adopting the principles of Friends with Benefits.”

In the eighties, Friends with Benefits were seen to be associated with homosexuals and it was believed that there are two such people who have no relationship between them and yet they are willing to make physical relations with each other Gay can only do it.

According to the survey, 60 % of the people believed that if a woman and a man are friends with each other, then there is a possibility that they will also have relations with each other. It was also to say that friendship between men and women is not possible, i.e. if they are together, then they are willing for sex. Apart from this, every other person believed that a good friendship could be possible even with ex-ex-boyfriend.

Most German people are engaged in friendship. According to the survey, 45 % of the people made friends during work. 20 % are still close to school friends. Apart from this, people also have friendships in college, training or Hobby classes.

According to the socialist, the number of friends is reduced after being the first child, because then people start paying more attention to the family. And then until the children leave the house, the number of friends does not grow. In Germany, after completing school, children begin to separate from their parents. Those who get admission in the colleges of other cities, they have to leave their home.

Meanwhile, people’s friendship has started on social media too. One in every five people admitted that they have such online friends whom they have never met. But 75 % also said that real friendship is possible only in the offline world.

On average, every German has 3.7 good friends. After this, there are 11 people whom they put in their closest list.

Apart from this, it was also asked in the survey that with which neighbouring country Germany favour friendship with them. The highest vote with 42 % went to France. Austria stood second with 26 %. After this, the Netherlands with 23 % and Switzerland and Denmark were ranked at 19 %.

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