Typical characteristics of an Inverted Triangle shaped body: You have a proportionally larger upper body. You have broad shoulders, and an ample bust and a wide back. Your hips are slim and your bottom may have a tendency towards the flat side.

If you don’t know your body shape. Here is the complete guide to know Which Body Shape you have – Here is the Complete Guide

  • Light or Bright pair of trousers with front pleats
  • Distressed jacket in a dark colour
  • Kimono shirt in a dark colour
  • Super-comfortable slouch knee boots
  • Peplum skirt
  • Soft and drapey wrap cardigan in a dark colour
  • Short one-shoulder or tunic dress to show killer legs
  • Waterfall colour shirt in a dark colour
  • Pair of straight jeans in a light or bright colour
  • Pair of chunky heel shoes

Colours that you should wear with a Inverted Triangle shaped body figure

What colours you should wear does not only depend on your body type and the effect you want to create (light and bright equals more volume, dark equals less volume). You also need to bear in mind your personal colours to find the right clothes and accessories.

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  • Spring colour types should dress warm and bright colours
  • Summer types best dress in cool and medium colours
  • Autumn colour ladies are fabulous in warm and muted colours
  • Winter colour girls should dress in cool and dark colours

If you still in doubt, buy colours that look beautiful on most women. Great light tones are off-white, stone and mellow rose, no matter what your seasonal colour. A great universal bright colour is a classic true red. Dark colours that look good on almost everybody are teal, navy, eggplant and charcoal.

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