While buying or wearing a Bra be sure bra should fit firmly and have the correct size and evenly around your rib cage, the shoulder straps should not dig in and the bra should not ride up at the back.

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Here are some tips, help you to know the correct size of your bra

  1. Use a soft cloth tape measure to measure the length around your torso, just beneath your breasts. The measuring tape should rest where your bra band rests. Keep the tape smooth and parallel to the floor.
  2. Add five inches (12.5 cm) to this measurement, rounding up to the nearest even whole number. This number is your band size.
  3. Use your tape measure to measure around the widest part of your chest. Usually, the tape measure should cross over your nipples. Keep the tape measure parallel to the floor. Do not allow it to become slack but do not keep it too tight, either. This number is your bust size.
  4. Take the difference between your band size and your bust size to find your cup size. Add a cup size for every inch (2.5 cm). For example, a difference of one inch (2.5 cm) puts you in an A cup, a difference of two inches (5 cm) puts you in a B cup, a difference of three inches (7.5 cm) puts you in a C cup, a difference of four inches (10 cm) puts you in a D cup, and a difference of five inches (12.5 cm) puts you in a DD or E cup. If the difference is less than one inch (2.5 cm), you should wear an AA cup.
  5. When trying on a bra, place your hands through the straps and bend over at the waist, so that your breasts fall into the cups. The cups should contain your breasts and the center of your nipple should fall in the fullest part of the cup.
    • If your breasts brim over the cup in the middle or at the sides, the bra is too small.
    • If the bra fabric is pinched together in places and not filled in by flesh, the bra is too large.
  6. Adjust both the hooks and strap size of the bra to achieve a comfortable fit when trying on a bra. Neither the band nor the straps should dig into your skin but both should fit snugly and lie flat.
  7. Check the bridge of the bra. This center piece of fabric should lay flat against the breastbone.

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