Alt Balaji’s upcoming Erotic, Steamy and Scary Horror web series Ragini MMS Returns is in news again. First, because of the bold poster of Karisma Sharma, then, leaked sex scenes from the series on the Internet of Riya Sen. And now, the intimate scene of Karisma and Siddharth Gupta has become viral. 42-second-video shows Karishma Sharma and Siddhartha – roaming in the bedroom, kissing each other.

In the poster of the web series (Ragini MMS Returns) the actress (Karisma Sharma) is topless and kissing the actor (Siddharth Gupta), also topless, with his hands tucked inside her hot pants and revealing her lacy blue panties. The red sari has a black, masked shadow, in the background, looms on them. Tagline says: “They did not know it then, it was a threesome.”

The web series Ragini MMS Returns takes the Ragini MMS franchisee forward, which already holds two movies (Ragini MMS and Ragini MMS 2). The first two films were quite bold, and after watching the teaser, it can be ensured that this web series is the most erotic ever. In the web series, Riya Sen also stars as Simran.

Ragini MMS Returns is a series of strange incidents happen in a deserted college and two girls set out to solve the mystery. The only way to do this is to hold the MMS CD. What will happen next and for that, you have to watch the series.

Ragini MMS Returns Web Series

Year of release: 2017
Actors: Riya Sen, Nishant Malkani, Karishma Sharma, Siddharth Gupta, Dilnaz Irani, Harsh Singh, Deepak Kalra, Shreya Gupto.
Director: Suyash Vadhavkar
Please Note: This content is suitable to be viewed by viewers above 18 years of age.

Official Trailer 1

Official Trailer 2

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