SYSKA HC006 Hair and Beard Clipper (Black)


SYSKA HC006 Hair and Beard Clipper (Black)

SYSKA-HC006 Hair and Beard Clipper (Black)

Product Description SYSKA HC006

Tired of barbers never getting your beard just right? Introducing a trimmer that’s faster and goes longer from the house of Syska. Meet the ultra trim, designed to take care of your beard and shape it effortlessly. Cut through the thickest growth with high-quality titanium and ceramic blades and a turbo mode for your desired beard. You can even control the fade you want with the 3 detent taper control. Style yourself on the go with 5 hours of battery life from a single charge.

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Product Features SYSKA HC006

Be Hassle-Free with a Long Lasting Battery Charge: Keep the wires away with a long lasting battery that comes with the Syska UltraTrim. Take your time to shape your beard how you want it. Plug the UltraTrim in for 2 hours and get up to 5 hours of continuous use.

A Close Cut, but Just How You Want it: Adjust how close you want to trim your beard with the 3 detent taper control with the Syska UltraTrim. Would you like a classy evening fade or perhaps a light beard?

Turbo Speed for an Extra Fast Cut: Need to trim in a hurry? The Syska UltraTrim has you covered. Temporarily overclock the speed of the trimmer by pushing the turbo button which increases the speed of the blades.

Do More with Syska UltraTrim: The Syska UltraTrim is more than a trimmer. You can easily trim the hair on your neck too!

Unique Alloy Motor: The Syska UltraTrim comes with a silver-palladium alloy motor which lasts longer and super-efficient technology for optimum speed to give your trimmer a longer life.

High-Quality Blades: Cut through the thickest growth with the high quality and extremely sharp titanium and ceramic blades of the Syska UltraTrim. These blades are designed and crafted for long lasting usage for years.

Guide Combs for Desired Length: The Syska UltraTrim comes with 4 guide combs of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm to give you the flexibility of the beard and hair length you want.

LED Indicator: The LED display indicates when the Syska UltraTrim is charging and when it is fully charged. If the charge of the trimmer goes below 10%, the light will turn red to indicate that it needs to be charged.

Dual Core Intelligent Chip: The Syska UltraTrim comes with an advanced dual-core intelligent chip which powers the systems of the trimmer. It actively monitors the functions of the trimmer so you can get the best possible trimming experience.

More Convenience with Cord and Cordless Use: Do not fear any electric short circuit. No hassles of a cord or any wires to be attached while using this Syska UltraTrim. All you have to do is switch it on and start shaving! Of course, you have to charge it if you do not want to use it with a cord.

2 Years Warranty: Syska UltraTrim reaches you after stringent quality control process and series of tests to ensure that our products perform and last really long. Should there be any complaint the product is covered by assured 2 years warranty for complete peace of mind. For complete details, refer to the warranty card shipped inside the box.

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Crafted In Korea: The special Syska UltraTrim has been crafted in Korea with latest technology and expertise. Syska personal care products are individually selected and crafted in Korea keeping in mind the hygiene, ease of use, quality and durability. Each product goes through thorough research. They are designed & crafted by technology experts who deliver the best products in the industry delivering best consumer experience.

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