Living in the 21st century, it’s hard to understand why many of us don’t know the basics of having the safe relationship. Doesn’t it sound awkward to you as well? Then what you’re waiting for, learn the ways of doing it in a healthy way. Read the story to know those 8 facts that ensure safety and pleasure for both of you.

There are as many health issues when it comes to doing it from a back. If you still want to try it out, learn some things before that can ensure some safety. Wear a contraceptive, also use a lot of lubrication and go slow until your lady tells you to amp up your rhythm.

Things You Need To Understand For Safe Relationship


Don’t think by doing grinding without penetration, you could ever have the chance of avoiding pregnancy. This is because your cells are resilient little suckers. If your man comes anywhere on or near your lady part even without penetration, they may still find a route to put a bun in your oven.


Pills Make It Not So Easy!

Birth control is a woman’s badge of honor these days. After all, what’s more, attractive than an independent woman who knows how to take care of herself, and her figure? Numbers of birth controls are available in the market today. Get yourself informed about whatever you choose. Going on the pill means you need to orally ingest birth control every day at the same time. Can you handle such stuff?

Contraceptive Is Safety!

Just by wearing a contraceptive, you can be assured of no STDs or pregnancy, even if the girl is already on the birth control pill. If you’ve never put it one, no big deal every time is the first time. For the better idea, try slipping one during “alone time” to practice before you make out next time.

Myths related to Condom which you need to stop believing

Know This Before You Start

Remember one thing whether you’re doing it for the first time, or you’re a player, it’s better to know exactly what you’re getting into. Know few risks also that are involved in lovemaking. Is he willing to wear contraception? Is she on the pill? Are you both ready if a pregnancy occurs? Do any of you have a history of STDs or HPV?

Keep Your Dirty Toys Clean

Those dirty toys if are not properly clean can still make you in a bit of safety trouble. Use proper cleaners that suit the material of your adult toy, and also clean them after each use.

Agreement Before You Make Out

One way of having safe love-making is to make sure that both participants are interested and willing to go for it. Don’t ever force if any one of you is emotionally uncomfortable.

Choosing A Correct Location

Keep in mind to choose a correct location for lovemaking. By correct location, we mean a location that doesn’t hinder your movement while making out.

Is Love Making In Hot Tub Or Shower Is Safe?

Many people choose hot tub or shower for making out, but it is not safe. Choosing these for making out session make you more susceptible to UTIs and STDs.

What you think about safe relationship?


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